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1.  M.E. - even for old or sick people who may be weak, they can still be benefited by Qigong.

2.  Arthritis - tried treating it for long time but it is not easily to be cured completely.

3.  Brain Cancer - Qigong Energy will only do one thing for you—to make you natural as nature.

4.  Cervical Cancer - Qigong is with such a great function to prevent or control it

5.  Stomach ache experience - Meditation is with unlimited healing power.

6.  Sexual Dysfunction - The Qigong I am practicing is to develop this life energy.

7.  Apoplexy or Stroke - Energy Transmission is an absolute appropriate treatment towards it.

8 Insomnia - Don't rely on Medication, forget about time, apply feelings more rather than logic and relax for a while before sleep

9.  Allergy -To improve the internal energy in order to treat for the hypersensitivity is a absolutely more proper way of doing it.

10 Cold Sore - hardly achieve radical cure, could only strengthen our energy to lower the severity and the chance of the recurrence.


There was an English Lady who suffered from a disease called M.E. which is a disease that Medical Scientists still have much unknown about it. When she felt sick, her pain would be spreading to whole body from the back, once almost killed her. She felt weak most of the time. Especially when syndromes appeared and pain spread, she would not able to get up from bed. She had tried lots of different treatments including Qigong. After almost a year since the last Qigong Healing treatment with me, she came to me again for learning more Qigong. It was because although she was weak, she could really feel a comforting flow of internal energy running within her during her Qigong practice.

This example shows that even for old or sick people who may be weak, they can still be benefited by Qigong as long as they continue practicing.

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People having Arthritis or any joint illnesses always feel that even though they have tried treating it for long time, it is not easily to be cured completely. It is because of the complexity of the joint’s structure. Once it is injured, the blood stasis will be easily trapped deep inside. It will be difficult to cure the problem thoroughly if that blood stasis could not be taken away. The Longer it is trapped within the joint, it will become thicker and the harder the problem would go away. To increase energy with gentle movements of Qigong in order to heal the particular part is actually a proper action. However, in my healing experience, it is necessary to first deal with the blood stasis within the joint. I will use a Special Snapping Method to hit the blood stasis out of the joint. When it is done, even if you have not learned Qigong, the problem will be gone soon as long as you have good blood circulation. I have heard of some special acupuncture with similar method of taking blood stasis out of the body.

There is something I want to mention here. If you injure your joint, it is good not to leave your joint hold still for long. Because it will slow down the blood circulation and create blood stasis inside, and followed by a swollen joint. It will be more difficult and take longer time  to cure by then. Once your joint gets injured, you should turn and move it gently and slowly. It avoids your joint swollen at the first place. Unless a severe injury or poor blood circulation, patiently to do it for at least one or two hours will have a chance of revivification. To move and turn gently and slowly is one of main principles of Qigong. To be gentle is to be relaxed. It expands the blood vessels to allow better blood circulation. To turn slowly will direct the Energy (Qi) within the blood to move around the part. The strong blood stream with Energy continuously hits and clears any blockages within the joint eventually.

There are a few examples.

1.      A friend of mine hurt her wrist. I taught her to turn it gently and slowly continuously. She did it for about two hours and her wrist revived even though she had never learned Qigong.

2.      A British woman had hurt her ankle while she learned Ballet Dancing in her childhood. It had never been cured and she thought never would. She had learned Qigong from me few years ago and told me that after she continuously practiced one simple movement of Qigong with gentle twisting ankle action healed her ankle. It became more dexterous and improved better and better.

3.   There was a time while I was doing stretching movements; maybe because I just got up from bed, I hurt my back quite seriously. It was so painful that I could not stand up. I did not take rest but continue turning my back slowly and gently. At first it was very painful and I can only move my back very little. I kept working on it and it finally became more flexible. I took rest for a while and carry on same movements again and again. The next day, although still with some pain, I could walk and move my body without any problem.

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Brain Cancer

Some people come to me for healing, not because they really believe in Qigong, they have no choice. Like a lady in her mid thirties, having headache for over 10 years, found out eventually she was having Brain Cancer. After electrotherapy, the middle part of the Tumour became inactive but it turned out to be expanding outwards. Undergoing an operation to her brain would be too dangerous. Almost having no alternative, she tried Qigong Healing with me. Her Brain Tumour had been affecting the mobility of her limbs.  At her first lesson, practicing Qigong Movements for some time already makes her limbs more dexterous. Each time I gave her Energy Transmission Healing, she would feel headache afterwards. She stopped seeing me after a few treatments. In about almost a year time, I heard she had passed away.

While we are practicing Qigong or going through Qigong Healing, we will mostly feel comforted and energized. Still we might feel sick but only when we are really being sick. It is because Qigong Energy will only do one thing for you—to make you natural as nature. When babies are born, they suppose very natural and healthy, unless they are infected during the pregnancy. Babies cry for food once they are hungry. They cry for help as soon as  they are not feeling good. Babies sleep immediately when they are tired. Their bodies will adjust itself against any situation and even problem. Such ability ensures the vitality of life. Regretfully as soon as we grow older, we tend to forget about this basic instinct.

That is why the healing process by Qigong or simply by Energy will lead us to being natural as nature.  That is what we only need ,  to feel how our body suppose to feel. Even if we are ill,  we should just feel it instead of making us not able to feel it. Then we should be able to adjust according to the problem and the situation will probably improve. Sometimes if the problem has been existing for long, like the case of the woman with Brain Cancer, chemicals as Medicines have been continuously taken to kill the pain, will lead to the same result of being unnatural. You will be insensitive to the illness and will eventually lose the instinct of adjusting yourself to fix body problems. Small problems being unfixed and accumulated will result in more serious problem, such as Cancer

Being natural is the very right thing to do. The more you become natural, the more you can feel and communicate with the Nature, the more you could blend with the Nature and the more you become the Nature. Well-being on all aspects, not only physical one, will be attached at such a level.

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Cervical Tumour and Cancer

Nowadays more and more females are suffering from Cervical and Ovary Tumour or Cancer. There of course are some with benign Tumour. Hopefully they still have time long enough to do something, such as learning Qigong. Most of my patients with these problems have already been able to control the situation after couples of lessons. I always try to teach the most essential techniques as fast as possible to them. It is because it is a  war and the winning elements are time and energy.

If you improve your energy faster than  the Tumour's growth, chance to recover will be bigger. Or else the advantageous position will reverse. Your Energy is the defending force of your body. Energy being weak, the defense will be powerless and the Tumour could grow stronger easily and faster. Cancer will spread and win as a matter of time if situation unchanged. Strengthening your energy to improve immunity in protecting yourselves is the most effective way. Qigong is with such a great power to do so.

Be careful of some unnatural therapies like Chemotherapies, taking Antibiotics and maybe unnecessary Operations etc, it would be weakening your energy and harming your body during the process. The immunity of course turns weaker. There would be with great chance worsening the situation and may lead to end of life at last.

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Stomach ache experience

That was long time ago. I had just started learning Qigong not for long, There was once I slept right after eating some soup noodle. During the sleep, I felt some pain with my stomach. I finally got up and vomited. My stomach was injured. I immediately sat in Meditation. I went into a deep one. I felt all my energy rush my stomach to heal it. It was like all other parts of my body did not exist except my stomach. I felt much better afterwards. My appetite totally resumed within 2 or 3 days.

The realm of Meditation is with unlimited power and deepness. Everyone could have experienced and benefited differently in Meditation. In the Theory of Yin & Yang, whenever Yin appears, same degree of Yang appears as well, or vice versa. Going into total emptiness in Meditation, meaning the infinite Yin appears. The infinite Yang, meaning the unlimited power of Energy appears as well. That is why the healing power of Meditation could be huge. To meditate is easy. What you need to do is just be calm and try on. To meditate deep and well would be difficult for most of people living in the cities like us. We get used to put all sorts of things and experiences into our mind. After some time, our mind would be nothing but totally jammed. Being silent in mind would not be easily achieved.

As far as I could remember, I could sleep anytime anywhere when I was young. I could meditate deeply while I started learning Qigong. Like the experience of injured stomach, I did very well to heal myself with the power of Meditation. However, I found harder and harder to meditate since I gradually grew up. I get used considering everything carefully. Luckily now I am at my 40, I slowly understand more and more how everything is running in its way in this reality. Less pondering, less worrying and trusting the nature more turning my mind into light, simple and clear. My Meditation reaches an even higher level.

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Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction is mainly a problem of man. There are people with such a problem come to me asking for help. I personally have some experiences. There were couples of times,  after I healed with intensive energy transmission for continuous a few days, my energy went down. I especially felt it strongly with my kidneys, with some pain on it sometimes. I also felt as I was having sexual dysfunction. Luckily the Qigong I am practicing is to develop this life energy. With continuous Qigong practicing for a few days or about a week, things went back to normal.

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Apoplexy or stroke

Like most of the old people’s sicknesses, more and more younger people are suffering from Apoplexy or Stroke. Since patients are paralyzed, what I could mainly do is giving Energy (QI) Transmission. And, in my healing experiences, it is an absolute appropriate treatment towards such an illness and it makes a high successful rate in improving patients’ condition. The Apoplexy or stroke is mainly due to blockages on blood vessels of the brain which cause paralysis of the patients’ body parts. Strong energy (Qi) could simply clear blockages of the brain to regain the normal functions of the body parts. Qigong is mainly composed of simple and easy movements which are very good for old and sick people, like recovering stroke patients, to learn and practice in order to improve body condition.

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Most cases of insomnia are related to continuous stress, pressures and fears. These are common features of lives in today’s modern big cities. If poor sleep is only happening once in a while it is not a threatening health situation – generally, if we do not sleep well on one night then our self adjusting ability will make it easier for us to fall asleep the following night. The more difficult situation to deal with is when poor sleep becomes a continuous habit or sickness - insomnia. The fear of not being able to sleep comes – does this fear cause the insomnia or the insomnia cause this fear? This question is not easy to answer and the answer may not be important anyway. What is important is how our health is affected.

During our sleep, at least in the early stage, our brain activities should drop to almost zero and soon after our dreaming activities begin. Not being able to fall asleep in bed mostly happens because we are still very much awake with an over active mind. In other words we are still having too much brain activity which we are unable to shut down. This activity maybe worry, fear or thoughts occupying our mind and could be caused by things such as the loss of a personal belonging, breaking up of a relationship or any sudden change in our life. It isn’t possible to shut our mind down instantly when it is so active. We simply cannot order our brain to follow commands like “shut down”. Maybe attempting “shutting down” is also an activity that further activates our brain rather than de-activating it. When we are thinking we are analyzing and/or planning different possibilities from different outcomes, or even just daydreaming. It is our habitual defending mechanism that once we have emotions like fears and worry our minds are activated to analyze, plan and think of all the outcomes (and all the nonsense ). Most of us do not realize that often when we are thinking we actually worrying with fear. We can get so used to having our mind activated with worry that it can becomes automatic when we have nothing to do or when we are doing something mechanically. Often in bed we have the same situation with our mind being too active. If we are not really tired or something significant has suddenly happened we mightn’t easily get to sleep.

I am a person who tends to think a lot. Sometimes sleeping is not easy for me because my mind is often running ceaselessly. Since I have been continuously practicing Qigong my meditation level has improved and I have begun taking things more easily. Qigong has helped me a lot and nowadays I can fall asleep effortlessly. I have been giving talks on similar topics and have taught classes on meditation which help people to relax.

I would like to share some of my experiences and points of view here.

1.Apply more “feeling” rather than mind logic, especially before sleep

Worrying inhibits experiencing joy so both cannot exist at the same time within us. Analyzing thought originates from fear and worry and brings only tension which inhibits sleep. To “feel” is a kind of relaxing mood which is very much under the territory of joy. That is why analyzing thoughts will not co-exist with “feelings”. When we open up ourselves to “feel”, we are to a great extent shutting down our thinking and this is favorable to sleep. The more we can “feel” the closer we are to joy, whereas on the other side, if we think too much the closer we are to worry. It is obvious which side of the life we actually want to be in.

During joyful moments, we are with our ultimate self, experiencing joy and detachment from fear and worry. We can consider carefully whether to “feel “ life or “think” life? If thinking can solve all the problems we should already be having a wonderful and perfect life. This world would already be a Utopia for us because every one of us is already skilled in thinking. Without real “feelings“ or experience, is it the right decision to judge only according to our thoughts? We can figure out the answer using past examples from our own lives.

2. Don't lie down and sleep right away - try standing or sitting to calm your mind for a while (like meditation).

Most often we do not prepare ourselves for sleep. What we need to do is relax our mind and body. If our mind is still active it will not be easy for us to easily fall asleep. Even if we finally do fall asleep, the quality of our sleep will be poor. If the body is still tense or not relaxed enough, even though we may still be able to sleep we could still experience some muscle stiffness or aching (shoulders and neck) the following morning.

3. Forget about time

The concept we have about time is that it is something passing constantly. With such a mind set we are very much taking notice of it and caring about it. This thing “time” - the more we care about it the more we feel it passing away which just results in keeping us in a state of tension.

With sleeping, quality is more important than quantity. Sometimes we just sleep soundly for a while in the afternoon and we feel good. At other times we struggle in bed all night long feeling that we can’t sleeping for even just a moment, then it makes us listless the whole day.

In the whole process of sleeping avoid checking up time from watch or clock. Calculating how much time we still have left to sleep will make us more stressed and it is harder to fall into sleep again with a stressful mood. It is better to forget about time and everything, just lie down and sleep. Remember, quality is more important. If you worry about not being able to wake up, just set alarms so that you surely awaken on time.


4. If you still cannot sleep after lying down for quite some time sit up and relax your body and mind.

If you still cannot sleep after lying down for some time your mind will start to be confused. It will be even harder to fall asleep than it was at the beginning. In this case I would sit up and meditate – letting my body and mind relax until it is almost asleep. I Just lie down and relax and in a short time I will be falling asleep.

5. Don't rely on Medication

Relying on medication will worsen the situation in a long run.

Just like other problems, taking medication continuously will make the body lose the self-healing power. Generally the problem will worsen with the body and mind tending to rely on medication more and more. It also complicates the situation and become more difficult to deal with.

6. Take things easy. It helps to be calm, so as to sleep more easily

Actually the concept of owning something could be just an illusion.

We are apt to consider people or things close to us are our belongings. It could be fame, wealth, or anything. Once we lose it, we feel grief and then it can affect our sleep. What actually belong to us are the relationships and experiences we have had. What actually are owned by us are maybe just our body and our feelings - however they also do not last forever. Everything is impermanent so everything keeps varying with respect to time.

If you believe in the spirit then what you own eternally could be only one thing -your spirit. If you are like me believing everything is energy then there is no separation among energies. Like you and the air, food, and any other molecules, they are ceaselessly merging but also separating.

There is nothing really separating from others as a single unit or all things are actually uniting with each other as one whole. Therefore it seems we own everything.

In fact, we truly own the power to create all we want and need. In the Qigong theory, attention goes and energy goes. When we consciously put our intention on, we are truly putting our energy into the direction to create. Being aware of our faith and belief we are creating our own universe. It is a pity that most of the public mainly only notices worries and fears. This creates the present world of worries and fears. When the masses shift consciousness to love and joy utopia will not only exist in our dreams but in our reality.

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Allergy seems to be getting more popular in the present days. Human beings are allergic to lots of things. Some are very common as pollen, seafood,  peanut, gluten and dust etc.  Number is nearly uncountable. There are a few factors worsening the phenomena in my opinion. Pollutions in the world on all aspects like air, food and water are deteriorating.  And even our surroundings are full of more and more electromagnetic wave. These all are weakening our immune system. Our modern busy lives are having more chances to contact new and various things. The worst of all is that this hypersensitive situation could be fatal.

 The cause of an individual having allergy could be complicated and not easy to be found out. To sort out the solution would be more practical. I have been studying and practicing with energy in years. There is something I know I would like to share here.

The allergic response being severe or not depends on your energy condition at that moment. When you are tired, weak or even emotionally depressed, the allergic response come more severely. On the opposite, when you are energetic, feeling pleasant and good, the respond will come much more lightly.

It of course help if you know what makes you allergic and try to avoid contact it. Still we all admit that it could not be a hundred percent guarantee situation. That is why it would be more suitable, effective and positive to train our energy to fight against the allergy.

As I was a kid, I did not like the hot weather. I usually turn on an electric fan next to me to sleep. One day I suddenly had this idea to stop it from swinging to focus the wind blowing towards me at all time. I thought it would make me feel cooler. After a period of time  I felt easily to sneeze. After many years, I knew I have this allergy that once I felt cold or I went into a dusty place, I sneezed a lot and would have running nose easily. Sometimes it affected my life seriously especially when I caught a cold or flu, I felt extremely terrible with my running nose. Luckily as I practice Qigong better and better and my energy level going higher and higher, the allergic respond come very mildly. I almost don't feel it and forget about it already at all in these days.

Today people apt to look for medications once they are experiencing some physical problem. It is like an automatic respond rather than an intellectual strategy. People psychologically relying on medication besides are due to being lazy avoiding the hard work of physical training to gain good health, also will weaken the self-adjusting or self-healing power. So to speak, the immunity of individual will be weaker. 

Ancient Taoist refined medicine to achieve immortality or high standard health. Many people think nowadays that it was the internal energy they were refining. The theory is simple.  As Energy level improves, the health condition improves. I strongly agree with this viewpoint as I  have been truly experiencing the advantage of energy training myself for years.

It is the similar situation if an allergy patient relies on medication, it could not be consider as recovery. It will be a life relying on medication forever. Once the body get used to the medication, it will be harder to deal with the allergic respond. To improve the body condition or internal energy in order to treat for the hypersensitivity is an absolutely more proper way of doing it.

So long as you could see a negative effect out of something, there is always the opposite but positive effect as well. So as allergy, in the positive side, you could see it as an indicator of your energy or your body condition. The allergic respond shows accordingly. It will be a good sign or signal that you should take imperative corresponding action to improve your health or not.

 In case of allergy, we should at least avoid letting your energy run off and take good rest. If we neglect the signal, the situation might be worsening as you energy level may drop lower. It could be even better if you do some energy exercise as Qigong promptly to treat for it.

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Cold Sore

Cold Sore is a common  skin disease caused by virus. It is a mild illness but you could hardly achieve radical recovery once you have it. It will recur every once a while. People who have never had this illness, may never know how awful those who feel during their illness. You can imagine rather than you are having big pimple on your face but a big wound or sore. And you wouldn't want to face people but most of the time you cannot avoid. I really know that feeling of agony because I have this illness.

When I was a kid, as far as I could remember, I was having the area between my nose and lips fester quite seriously. Could be the virus invaded into my nerves. I have this cold sore every now and then, and often badly. My mood is very much affected every now and then too.

Gradually I found that in the condition of being tired or energy level of self dropping, it would be having a very great chance of recurrence of the illness. And also there was a period of time, with continuously taking antibiotics, the break out was extremely severe on the face even though I was not feeling tired.  I have been working hard with my Qigong to strengthen my energy, in some way because of the illness. In the Yin and Yang theory, Yin always exists with Yang at all time. So if there is a negative function you could find, there will be a positive one too. This is also one of the reasons that I could teach and heal people with my Qigong nowadays. It is just like my master who has been watching me over to grow.

I also realize that the more you are natural, the higher energy level, meaning also higher immunity,  you would be. I have not taken any western medicine for more than ten years at least. Dosing so-called potent antibiotics will lower the immunity for sure. Since my energy getting better, the recurrence of the cold sore is less often and less serious. I would practice harder trying to prevent it from coming out. Sometimes it really stops. I believe in the coming future my energy will achieve a radical cure over it.

Cold sore is a very mild illness. People who dislike its recurrence could only train their energy to resist about it. Viewing in an optimistic angle, we could take  into consideration the severity of illness as an indicator of our energy condition. Then we could work on our energy or body condition in the beginning when we become weak to prevent form falling sick of  serious illness.

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