Back             Mr Wong - Qigong deviation         王先生 - 練氣功出偏差

Mr Wong practicing Qigong for 20 years. One day, his Energy suddenly went wrong within the body. After he felt his Energy (Qi)  moving up fast and strongly into his brain all in a sudden like a stroke, his Energy just ran around the body all in a mess almost every day. He could not control the Energy at all. He became like a person having stroke who could not lead a ordinary people's life.......

王國棟先生習氣功廿多年, 一天 他突然感到身內氣血亂竄, 更強烈地風湧入他腦, 使他如中風一般, 每天發作時, 全身皆動彈不得, 自此再也不能如一般正常人般生活.....

 When Qi deviation happened to him, he would feel he was shaking strongly by the Qi and his entire body could not move at all. People would only see him standing still for that period of time. This problem made him cannot work and dared not to go out. He has tried different treatments and went visiting different specialists. No one could help him. He felt very depressed for long until his brother found me to help.

當王先生氣在身內亂竄的時候 , 他會覺得全身在震得很利害 , 更加是全身動彈不得 , 傍人卻只見到他站著不動而已。此問題令他不能工作, 亦完全不敢出外。他試了很多治療 , 亦見了作多專科, 都沒一絲改善 , 令他極度情緒低落 , 直到他弟弟找到了我。

I have done both sending Energy to him and help him to train his Energy (Qi). In a month, I left him with those exercises he could keep training himself for recovery. And in a few months later, I met him on the street and he told me that he was fully recovered and had his life back to normal again. I took a few photos with him on the street where I met him.

我給他發氣治療, 亦教他正確的鍛鍊氣的練習。在一個月 , 我教識了他自我鍛鍊修正氣的氣功功法 , 便讓他繼續自我練習 , 數月後 , 在街上看到他 , 他告訴我已完全康復 , 生活亦己回復正常 , 我便跟他影相後才作別。