Learners' Comments

-- from Spontaneous Healing Qigong Course

Romaine Bamford : Hi Law rence! Just wanted to le you know that after last Wednesday's session my morning meditation went really well. Usually I focus on my breath and count my breaths but after going quite deep on Wed night just listening to you I found it really easy to go deep on Thursday morning and not focus on anything except just being there. In generally, since doing the classes, I find that I have more stamina and energy and my balance has definitely improved. Also, I've really enjoyed it and I think you are an excellent teacher!  Cheers! Romaine (04/12/2006)

Margrit F. Tsang: During class yesterday I felt deeply relaxed and had a very good night sleep afterwards. Overall I prefer more active Qi gong, but highly recommend this Spontaneous Healing Qigong for someone that is new to meditative forms because your guidance during class is one of the best and most effective I have experienced. (30/11/2006)

-- from Healthy Living Gong Course

Romaine Bamford : Hi Lawrence! I find the balancing difficult in the early morning but I like the challenge. Thank you! Romaine

-- from Three-Circle Opening Channels Qigong Course

Romaine Bamford : Just thought you might be interested in some feedback which I think is as a result to the Qi Gong, especially the three circle opening channel practice. I feel incredibly well and energized. What more can I say?! I also feel it is very important just to do what you tell us in our own best way and then I think it will 'work' automatically. I hope this is helpful. Cheers!

Lucette Black : the three circle one, at the beginning, I wasn't quite sure I like it but as the time past, I think it is working in another way of energizing energy. The very last bit that we learned on Friday was quite good, I can feel the energy when bending down.


Comments from participants on the Qigong Energy Awareness Group Healing

From Caroline :

" Hi, Lawrence,

I just want to say that I found this evening's workshop wonderful. Considering that I only got off the plane from England a few hours ago, I feel really good - much better than when I started the evening.

I could tell that you were pleased with the way the workshop went.
Thank you very much, Lawrence.



PS I found something interesting/strange tonight. The hand energy is very, very strong now, but tonight for the first time my feet felt the same for a while. Is that strange?

Dear Lawrence,

now I shall attempt to reply about the Energy Healing. Actually, something did come to me very, very clearly during the workshop. I was having some trouble with pain in my stomach. This is a pain that I used to get all the time when I was younger. I used to call it my 'tension pain'. It always came on if I was nervous or worried or trying very hard at something. A few years ago I started doing Raja Yoga Meditation and positive thinking. Of course my mind and thoughts changed a lot, I became more peaceful, and I got the 'tension pain' less and less frequently. Life seemed much easier, and much less complicated because I did not worry any more about things that I cannot change.

I possibly had the pain because I had been traveling a few hours before, and I was tired, but also because, probably, I wanted to 'feel' something during the workshop. It is almost like trying too hard. Maybe it is what you say about the mind working and not the heart. I don't know. Anyway, during the session I had the intention that this pain should leave, that the tension should go from me, and I must say that by the end of the session, it had gone. I was very pleased about that.

Also, I would like to let you know that I have had a little 'shift' since I sent you the last message. Suddenly I realised that maybe the best way to moving the blockage is to stop trying too hard, to stop trying to remember all the movements, and to do some spontaneous qigong. So far, so good. It seems to be working a bit - I just have to keep going with this for a while, I think. It seems to help me to
'feel' better, how things are..

I am so glad that you felt a big change in yourself. Actually, it was easy to see in you that night.



From Romaine :

Hi Lawrence!
I feel strong enough now to let go of some fears that have been limiting my behavious - or I think I do!! and also I feel more generous and giving. I thought the energy moving was very beautiful and very touching. See you tonight. Love, Romaine

From Judith M

Dear Lawrence,
Thank you for a most pleasant and wonderful evening.
I came away feeling profoundly relaxed. There was good ‘energy’ in the room, whatever that actually means, and I especially enjoyed some of the movements, such as the flying bird…

Anyhow, many thanks once again,
Warmly, Judith

From Lawrence:

I at first thought I might not be benefited as much as you guys did on that healing section.
I then found that my Energy was being shifted too.
What most of you have mentioned in your reply email, I actually felt them too.

These few days, I felt quite easily to sleep well & deep. No only could sense Energy sharper, I am also able to feel stronger and go deeper during my regular Qigong practice. When I was tired either after an Energy Healing or finishing working all day, practicing Qigong recharges me much more easily and obviously. As what I have saw Romaine the other day, she was showing a calm & peaceful Energy all over her, I felt that it was happening to me as well. It is like I just know what to do in these few days without questioning about it in mind. I believe I have developed a stronger sense of self, being more centered and able to connect to my inner feelings stronger. It is like I have achieved something (that I am quite sure) and feeling more rounded. I am still excited and enjoy very much up to these moment after the group healing section. You have probably seen it through my writing.


Comments from participants on Seven-Star Opening Energy Points Qigong

Dear Lawrence
Just to let you know I practiced the Seven Stars the other day when I was trying to shake the ill feeling and within hours I was feel 100% ok! :)
Love and Light



As a Zen-Shiatsu practitioner, I am aware of the importance of Meditation and of the Tan Tian in our health process.

Practicing Qi Gong with Lawrence helps me improve my energy level and sensitivity, and is dear to me as self-care, as in return I am able to help more people around me.

During the guided Meditation following the practice at the Enhance energy core QI GONG today, I felt and witnessed 3 energy balls rising up from my Tan Tian, as if strenghtening and clearing my core. When they reached my head, I could feel my spine moving gently by itself and was seing colors in a different way. I was in a state of deep relaxed alertness, welcoming sensation, listening and following Lawrence's instructions.

Then my whole notion of self dissolved for a fraction of second. I became aware of the matter energy level, not quite the same than people around me, yet, not different. I ended the session very energised and centered.

Quite an inspiration to keep on a regular practice! I believe it is something we all have and when cultivated is blossoming, and recommend QI GONG practice with Lawrence 200 percent!


Anne Cousin

Zen-Shiatsu practitioner

Somatic Movement Educator

at www.themovingtouch




Anne Cousin ɤF Tao & Zen ۤC

2012~121617:31 · 


"I had a major back surgery in the US which affected my walking and my gait. I was recuperating, however slowly. Then I began taking Healing Qigong lessons with Master Lawrence Tse. Lawrence began by teaching me three simple movements, while also teaching lessons about Qigong. I practiced these movements daily. After just three lessons, I could not believe my improvement!! I was walking very naturally, and my gait was normal again. I have continued with lessons and performing the movements, and I find that I continue to heal, strengthen, and improve.

Lawrence has also sent Healing Qi directly to my spine. Through this, I have experienced healing on more levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I would highly recommend anyone in need of healing or improvement to engage Master Lawrence Tse for Healing Qigong.

Anne Cahill"

I have been doing Qi Gong (QG) with Master Lawrence Tse for around 10 years now. During this time QG has had both beneficial physical and mental benefits for me. It has a calming and focusing effect on the mind - similar to meditation - enabling a de-cluttering of the mind to take place at the end or the start of the day. Physically, QG introduces movements which are not common in our daily lives but certainly beneficial to keeping our bodies in shape. 

It is specifically because QG is a practise with both soothing meditation-style benefits for the mind and also physical components for the body, that I have kept coming back year after year. Most recently I injured my shoulder playing sport and while I did not notice from general daily use that it was not fully healed, my QG practise helped me over the final and more subtle stages of the recovery process. I had never heard of QG 10 years ago when I first turned up to give it a go, but I am very glad that I did. 

Peter, 38


Esther Lee